“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the care and kindness that you gave my mother during the two years she lived there. No one knew whether it would be the right decision for mom to move there. She made the right decision for herself and you made her feel like she had a new home. She only had good things to say about all of you.  Housekeeping, maintenance and food service – she thought you were all wonderful.  After doing for herself for so long, she loved all the help and pampering. When she began to need help, she could never repay the kindness of the aides. I will miss her, but I will also miss you.”

~ Mary Garren

“A great big thank you and hugs all around for all the TLC, support and guidance you all gave to my mom. During the short time she lived at Emmanuel House so many of you watched over her and helped us through the maze of elder care rules. So many people are involved helping us make this an easy transition. Emmanuel House is such a special place to live.”

~ Judy Ryder

“Thank you for all the kindness and care you gave to our mother. You gave her a chance to have a few more years of independence.”

~ Paul Norton and Louanne Jones

“Dad and I want to thank you for all your kindness. This has been a tough year for us but meeting and knowing all of you has brought a great deal of pleasure to us."

~ Joan Grady

“We’d like to thank you all for your kindness to Marion during her stay at Emmanuel House. She had always been an independent person and the pleasant living there helped her become independent for longer than life might have allowed. She knew she could eat delicious lunches and have cheerful assistants when she needed. We who love her thank you all!”

~ Joan and Pete Carlson

“It is difficult to express my thanks for the care and love you have given my father, Al, during his almost three years living at Emmanuel House. You have all contributed enormously in making an assisted living residence a home. My family and I always felt that he was in a safe and caring environment. Thank you again for the three years of love and care you gave Al.”

~ Mastrangelo Family

“My brother and I cannot thank you enough!  My mother feels so happy and safe. We are so happy she has found her new home.”

~ Kathy Gilson

“Just a small note to thank you, and all the staff at Emmanuel House for all the kindness you give to my dad and our family. You have made his life so much better.”

~ Rodriguez Family

“Thank you for all being so kind to my mother, Gussie Noler. Although she was only there for a year, it was a good year!  She made some nice friends and always commented on how nice everyone was to her.  I know my comfort level was raised because she was there – I knew she was being taken care of."

~ Bette Gladston

“I would like to take a quick moment to thank all those employees who went above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis to enhance Pearl's quality of life. Unfortunately, I do not know them all by name, but I have not met one staff member who was not helpful in at least some small way.”

~ Susan Wedge

“I wish I could find the words to tell you all how I feel about my mom's (Genevieve Case) stay at Emmanuel House.  We all as a family saw before our eyes the change in her, for the good, even when it seemed in the beginning that it wasn’t going to happen. It took a little while for her to adjust but when she did, there was no stopping her. Mom had so many things to do to keep her busy. The activities at Emmanuel House are fantastic. This is exactly what the elderly people need. She met a lot of friends along with the staff that showed love to her. Mom did things such as crafts, bingo, bowling, choir, exercise, trips, chatting with friends. Your quality of life is what you put in it yourself, but it helps when you have a home like Emmanuel House. You all give the residents the life they deserve and best of all, you let them know they are still able to participate in everything. You always made everyone feel comfortable and at home. I feel blessed and know for sure God put you in our path. I had prayed for a long time for a place like Emmanuel House, for my mom to live at. There is no reason to just tuck your family away and say they are old and guess there is no place for them now. I could shout from the highest building, GO TO EMMANUEL HOUSE and your life will begin again.”

~ Elane Lundberg

“Thank you for all your help during a very difficult period in the Gonsalves’ lives.  The Emmanuel House and its staff had done a fantastic job with my dad. I can’t thank you all enough.”

~ James Gonsalves

“Our mother, Bertha, was fortunate to live a long life full of happy memories because of the kind and thoughtful people that shared her life at Emmanuel House Residence. Thank you again for your kind heartedness to her and to us.”

~ Alusow Family

“Thank you so much for your concern and support you showed my family and I over the recent passing of our mother. My brothers and I truly appreciate all the care you gave to our mother over the last year. As I’m sure you know, my mother was a fiercely independent women and she had a hard time accepting her illness. You did a fantastic job welcoming her to her new home and for that I am eternally grateful. You treated her with dignity and grace and for that I will never forget your kindness. Thank you again for all your care to my mother. You are the best!!” 

~ John Duggan