Financial Options

Veterans Aide & Attendance Pension

Emmanuel House will connect you with a VA expert to start your application. The Veterans Aide and Attendance helps families by providing supplemental income through pension benefit programs. The pensions are available to U.S. military veterans and surviving spouses. Veterans and widowed spouses who require the aid and attendance of another person may be eligible for additional pension benefits for care assistance in the home or in an assisted living community. The Aid & Attendance pension is available to honorably discharged wartime veterans with 90 days of active duty, and their surviving spouses.

In order to qualify for A&A, your physician needs to establish that you require daily assistance with tasks such as dressing, undressing, bathing, cooking, eating and others. The A&A pension can provide significant financial support to a veteran or surviving spouse in the following amounts:

  • Up to $1,732 per month to a veteran
  • Up to $1,113 per month to a surviving spouse
  • Up to $2,054 per month to a couple
  • Up to $1,380 per month to a veteran filing with a sick spouse

Low-Income Option

After reviewing your finances, you may be eligible for our assisted living low-income program, known as Group Adult Foster Care (GAFC). Individuals and couples whose assets meet the income eligibility requirements can participate in a cooperative living environment and will receive services including three home-cooked meals, weekly housekeeping, weekly laundry, up to two hours of daily personal care, and medication reminders.

Cooperative Living Option

The cooperative living option at Emmanuel House Residence enables two residents to select an affordable living option. Each resident will have a private bedroom with a closet and window and access to a full kitchen and large common area space with access to an outdoor patio. Companions are typically matched with residents that share common interests and background so that they are compatible and enjoy the experience of living together.